Don’t miss our Virtual V-Day Premiere & Panel with these totally fabulous panelists:

Twanna Hines,
Lena Chen,
Samhita Mukhopadhyay,
Melanie Wallner,
Shreshth Dugar,
Melissa Gira Grant, Coming and Crying (Moderator)

Download the press release with all the deets here!

Cory Silverberg at said some super sweet things about us! & we love that he watched w/ his boo <3 XOXOSMS: Can Online Love Work IRL?

Glamour Magazine says: “I can’t wait to see this new documentary about online relationships! I’m sort of obsessed…” 

While in production, xoxosms was covered in:

For press, contact Margaret Lucas: margaret [at] xoxosmsfilm [dot] org